Willow Ridge Retreat, located near Willow City, Texas, is nestled in the heart of the scenic Texas Hill Country. It has been the retirement home of Ross and Betty Murphy since 2002. Since 2003, it has welcomed guests who wanted to visit the guest suite that served as a bed and breakfast. Time marches on and the bed and breakfast officially closed on November 30, 2015. It was a joy to meet hundreds of guests over the past 13 years. Hopefully, family and friends will continue to drop by and stay for a few days to enjoy the peacefulness, to explore the night sky, and to enjoy our Texas hospitality. We are still baking our famous Pumpkin Muffins and Banana Bread.

"What a charming and relaxing place--'retreat' is a great and accurate description. We experienced a night with the stars and wondered at the vastness of God's creation. We watched hummingbirds getting their breakfast from the cross vines while we munched the homemade breakfast goodies. The deer on the roadside reminded and forced us to slow down and enjoy a hill country sunset. Thank you for a peaceful, quiet weekend. Truly it was good for body, mind, and soul."


Our cats, Hairy Potter, Nicki, and Bailey, continue to delight all who meet them. At all times, a small herd of Boer goats patrol the land and, much to the shock of all, sometimes climb trees. The walking paths around the ridge are great for stretching one's tired joints and are named for the dogs and cats who have been a part of our lives here at Willow Ridge Retreat.


Thanks to all who have visited over the years. You have enriched our lives. We plan to travel more, spend time at a retirement center, and make the most of the next chapter of our lives. Please do stay in touch and let us continue to hear from you. Goats available for petting at Willow Ridge Retreat Bed and Breakfast Willow City, TX.

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